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Related post: Date: Wed, 22 May 2002 20:50:14 -0700 (PDT) From: hOnEy BaBeE bOy Subject: Same Old Brand New You Reunion Series 2-4We had done it. We had done what so many boy bands had failed to do. We had transitioned into respected musicians. A1 were not justa tenny bopper band anymore. With the help of Mark, Christian, Paul, Adam, Noel, and I, we were now a band, not a boy band, but a band. And this band was looking for its final member. The one piece to fit the puzzle. We had settled on Myself, Paul, Adam, and Paul, but we thought one more would be perfect. He had to be able to sing, play at least pre-teen models in panties one instrument, not be a total slob, and most of all, gay, preferably not single, as we didn't need anymore sex-capades."Sorry, you're not what we're pre-teens gallerie looking for." I said to the boy. He must have been younger than 15. God knows how he got past the security. After 3 hours of narrowing it down, we were left with 3 free pre-teen sex stories people we all liked. One was named Charlie. He was about 18, around 130 pounds, blonde hair, very cute. The next was a boy named Shane. Shane was my favorite. He was about 20, brown hair, brown puppy dog eyes, around 130 pounds, very cute as well. He had an ok voice, not perfect, and a bit raspy, but in a good way. the last boy was called James. I didn't like him. He had red curly hair, freckles, and bery snobby, like he owned the place. He was obviously straight, and thought he was better than all of these fags like us here. After 3 free pre-teen rape pics hours of singing we were down to James and Shane. Charlie had missed a high note. We then decided whoever could hold there breath the longest would be the winner. The other guys liked James, but I wanted Shane to win. I got up and walked to shane. "Good luck man. I really want you to win." I said. He smiled and blushed. I told him to take 15 deep pre-teen naturist pics breathes to expand his lungs or whatever that is for. He did 20 just in case. I walked back to my seat. "And....... GO!" I yelled. Shane started off awefully, he didnt get enough air. But he lasted one minute into it. James started turning purple. they ended up going 2 minutes and sixteen seconds. James collapsed to the floor, gasping for air. Shane had did it, he won. And after a few quick breathes we kicked James out. I smiled at Shane. "Great job man." The others where impressed too.After 3 weeks of teaching Shane the songs, beats, and what not, we were ready. James played the drums. We needed a drummer. Paul played tambourine, Adam played guitar good, Chris had taught him before He and Mark left. I was picking up on bass, Paul Cattermole played electric guitar, so we were set. We had picked Paul Cattermole up a few months after he quit S Club 7.We were on the tour bus on Monday night. Everyone was asleep except Paul and Me. I got into Pauls bunk. "Hey Ben.""Hey Paul." I said smiling. I snuggled up pre-teen thai porno to him as he spooned me. His penis was starting to get erect. "Paul, ebony pre-teen pics no, we just screwed like 2 hours ago." I said. I was exhausted. Paul laughed at me. "guess what." I said. "Paul C. is getting along well with Shane. I think maybe we should try and hook them up. they would make a cute couple." I said. Paul laughed."Baby, we went through this before. First we tried setting Paul C up with Adam. Then with Noel. Then Adam with pre-teen lo hardcore Noel. Then we just hooked pre-teen nymphet Adam up with Jon from S Club. pre-teen getting fucked And now you want to have another go at fixing someone up? Baby, enough is enough. You are obsessing." He said. I pre-teens foto smiled."Well, it worked withyou and me, remember?" I said."Excuse me? I told you I loved pre-teen mpg you first." He said."No, naked horny pre-teen girls remember, you dragged me out into the hall. Next you tried telling me, but I enterupted you, because I thought you loved mark, nympho pre-teens hot but you really loved me, and I loved you, and..." He cut me off."Baby, shut up please." He said laughing. "You're confusing me." He said. "I'm old, I'm almost 30, remember? And pre-teen erotica stories while you're still only 20, I am 7 years your senior." He said laughing. But then he got upset. I heard a sniffle. sweet little tits pre-teen "Ben, will you promise me, when you're pre-teen porn pics 30, pre-teen masterbation and I'm nearly 40, that you won't dump me for a hottie like Adam or pre-teen thong bikini models Paul C, or even Shane?" He asked. I giggled. I turned round and smiled at him."I pre-teen masturbating swear. I love you Paul. I love you for you, even for that crooked nose of yours." I said giggiling."And I love you, double chin and all." I gasped."You bitch, I so pre-teen models usenet do NOT have a double pre-teen gay boys chin." I said hitting him with the pillow. He smiled a me and hugged me. I loved him.The next few weeks were a blur. Press conferances, concerts, pre-teen girls naked award shows, preformances. It was all a bit much. We finally got our first week off and went to Adam's home in Sweeden. It pre-teen top100 bbs was cold that time of year. So we decided to stay indoors the whole of the week. The cabin was huge, and spacious. And poor Shane's allergies were acting up worse than a 3 year old on free pre-teen bbs a 7 hour car trip. He pre-teen boy pics stayed in under age pre-teen porn bed pubescent pre-teens pics the whole week. -Day OneWell, tight jeans pre-teen non-nude we just arrived and Adam showed Shane his bed. Sweet Paul stayed with him the pre-teen model adult whole day.""Let's go swimming." toplist pre-teen models I said, staring out the window to the lake. pre-teens big tits nude Everyone was playing cards. They ignored me. "Let's go riding bicycles naked." I said. Paul snickered."Ya, and you come home and have nuts the size of marbles, I think not. I prefer them when they are warm and big." Adam's mother had pre-teen girl models dress just walked in and heard Paul. She gasped. Paul ran to her and kept apologizing. I pre-teens photos walked to Adam."Adam. I have pre-teens free a plan." He rolled his eyes. He had been in the band 2 years now and knew of my 'plans' I worse than Lucy girl pre-teen naked from 'I Love Lucy.' "I want to set up Paul C and Shane." I said. Paul C walked up behind me and hugged my neck."Too late, we did it ourselves." He said smiling. I laughed."You fucking slut." I said laughing. Adam's mum had heard me say that. I blushed. Adam laughed.- Day TwoI woke up that morning in Paul's arms. And not my Paul. It was 25 Degrees below zero, well, celcius, but it was still cold. We were all in one big bed. Adam and Shane were snuggiling. Paul, my Paul that is, and Adam's mum were together in the bed, asian pre-teen sex which was quite odd. And me and Paul C were lying together. Adam's mum got up and cooked us breakfast.K N O C K K N O C K K N O C KAdam ran to the pre-teen boys having sex door and opened pre-teen home movies private it. It was Jo, Tina, Bradley, and Hannah from S Club. Paul C ran to them and hugged pre-teen girl illegal them. Adam was angry. He pre-teen girls nude photos pulled Jo aside. "Where is Jon?" He asked. Jo got an upset look on his face."I'm sorry babe, but Jon and Rachel had to go behind and..." She looked down and laughed. "Get the luggage from the car." Adam smiled. Jon yelled from the bottom of the stairs leading up to the door."Oi, I could use some held down here." He screamed. Adam went to help Jon. Rachel was lugging 150 pounds worth of luggage by herself. I ran down and helped her. She girl pre-teen erotic kissed me japanese pre-teen sex on the cheek."Thanks sweety. cute pre-teens My nails are so fucking broken it's not even funny." She said. I laughed. Paul C and Paul [My Paul] came to help me.]At the diner table everyone was sitting down having supper. They were talking of the new albulm, but Paul and I were playing footsie. Except Adam kept joining tight pre-teen girls in. Then Paul C started in. Pretty soon everyone except Adam's mum was playing. She didn't know either. Rachel was pre-teen non-nude playing with Jo's feet excessively tho. WHAT THE FUCK??? Had free japanese pre-teen porn Rachel had just winked at Jo? No, deffinately not. WAIT. Jo winked back. "Oh My God." I whispered into Pauls ear. "Jo and Rachel are girlfriends." I said. Paul watched and they winked again. We snickered.days 3, 4, and 5 were boring. So I'll skip to night 5.I walked into my bedroom and smiled as Paul lie naked on the bed. I winked at him and he motioned me to come pre-teen pics directories closer. pre-teens in panties I crawled onto him and started making out with him. He got hard immediatly. I started stroking him as he was massaging my fucking the pre-teen girls hot pre-teens naked ass. I pulled his dick out and got up. After pre-teen russian porn I lubed up and had lain on my back Paul entered me. I gasped. He started pumping into me. thumbs pre-teens I couldn't help but smile. I loved him. I took the remote to the stereo and hit play. It was Atomic Kitten's cover of "Eternal Flame." The radio remix. Paul entered me to the beats of the drums. I leaned up and whispered to him. "Cum inside me this time." He had never done that before. He started going faster and faster. He finally shot pre-teenmodels and we did lay there for the rest of the night.-day pre-teen girls porn 6. After a shower we got dressed and were off to Australia for promotion of our new albulm "Accepted indian pre-teen rape Not Needed." It was our way of saying we accept your binaries pre-teen model acceptance, but we don't need it. Like, if you pre-teen nude art bbs like us great, if you don't who gives a flying fuck? Needless to say we had a wonderful trip. But next time i'll skip OZ and skip to a week after that, when Adam got his first STD, one called 'herpese.'-------------------- C H A girl pre-teen swimsuit models P T E R T W O --------------------Adam was kissing Jon. Jon lifted Adam's head dutch pre-teen erotica and smiled. "I love you Adam." He said. Adam blushed. They pre-teen porn samples hadn't told each other they loved each other before. Adam smiled."I love you too." He said. Jon unbuckled Adam's belt. He unbuttoned his pants but Adam stepped back. "I, free hard-core pre-teen sex uh, I have teens models pre-teens nude something to tell you." He said. Jon smiled. "I errr, I have, I have an STD." He said. Jon's mouth dropped."HIV?" He asked.Adam giggled. "No, Herpese." He said. Jon sighed. "Anyways, let's get to it." He said. Jon backed off. "Oh come old pre-teen newsgroups on, you're not scared are you?" He asked laughing."Umm, I don't know if I wanna, ya know." nude european pre-teen He said looking down. Adam got an angry look on his face."Oh fuck you Jon." He pre-teen diaper pics said. He pre-teen private photos got up and ran out. Paul sat there crying.The next morning kiddy pre-teen models at rehearsal for the live gig on CD:UK everyone except for Paul C showed up. I walked over to Adam. "Ok, spill it, what's up?" I asked.After an hour of Adam crying on my shoulder I went to Paul, my Paul. "Look, Ben, leave him be." He said. "This is how everything got all fucked up last year Babe. pre-teen masturbation Just let it be. If they split they split, if not, awesome." He said."You know, for a hottie, you're a real dick." I said. I got up and walked over to Shane who couldn't quite pre-teen girls wet get the dance moves right. He also was looking rather sleepy and frustrated. free pre-teen nude galleries I hugged Shane from behind. "Oy, why you so tense?" I asked. I rubbed his shoulders as pre-teen sex he turned round."Paul, my Paul. I think he is in love with your Paul. My Paul told me that your Paul told him that he thought a pair of slacks looked good round nude gay pre-teen boys his bum, and pics pre-teen girls then my Paul said that your Paul winked at him." I pre-teen sex models was dizzy."Hold up, what the fuck are you saying? I'm confused." I said, cross eyed."Paul M made a pass at Paul C." He said. I turned 7 shades of crimson. pre-teen naked little girls I excused myself and ran over to my Paul."Fucking slapper." I said. I hit him in his face and ran out, heartbroken. I saw Jon sitting in his car, crying. He looked as though he was debating whether or not to get pre-teen nudists out. Fuck this relationship shit. It just always hurt you so much. And I wasn't about to let Jon find out the hard way. I jumped in his car nympho pre-teens and smiled at him. We drove off. We pre-teen videos of masturbation needed a free pre-teen boys naked break. And a break we got.------------------------ C H A P T E R illegal pre-teen pussy T H R E E ------------------------ months later.I walked into A1's new record exec's office. We had used Simon Fuller since Mark and Chris quit. No one from the band had seen me in 2 months, not even Paul. Apparently Paul C had come out to the press, Adam had resigned his position in the band, Jon had made up with Adam and they ran off together. Paul M and Paul C had had a very public relationship thumbnail pre-teen nudes and then a very public break up. Shane was just, black pre-teen fucking well, Shane was just there. As for me, I ran off and rented pre-teen cp a flat pre-teen panty models in Notting Hill. pre-teen animal sex stories I hadn't given any of the swedish pre-teens nude members my new address. I had called Simon the day before because I wanted out of my contract to do some acting in the USA which was prohibited in my previous contract. I walked into 19 Management studios and went straight to Simon's office. I had a briefcase in one hand, a lollipop in pre-teen latex the other, and my lawyer by my side. We walked in and Simon was reading a magazine while talking on the phone. "I'll have to call you back." He said into the other end of the reciever. He hung the phone up, put the magazine down and pulled out some papers from his desk. "Not a very smart thing, what you did." He said to me. I rolled tiny pre-teen sex videos my eyes."I am pre-teen russian girls here to negotiate." I said, sitting down. "I am willing to by myself out of my contract. I pre-teen boys naked am thinking somewhere along nude pre-teen girl the lines of, oh, 1.5 million?" I asked."I am not letting you go Ben Adams. If I did could you imagine the contraversy? I can see the headlines now. 'Gay boyband member splits for an acting career.'" He said. I rolled my eyes."Fine then, what do you want? Another 3 albulms, fine, I'll go into the recording studio, put down my bits and be done with the mess." He said."Your contract is nude young pre-teen girls for..." He ruffled through papers. "Ah." He said pre-teen lingerie models smiling devilishly. pre-teen non-nude girl models "5 albulms, 3 tours, 22 singles, all with promotion of coarse, and the clincher..." He said smiling. "This must take no longer than 6 years. So Ben, mate, your stuck. Unless of coarse you can buy yourself out, which will cost around..." He said ruffling through more papers. "25 million quid." He said smiling. I gasped."Fine. I'll stick with it. But I'll have nothing to do with Paul Marazzi." I said.-------------------------- A F T E R T H O U G H T S --------------------------Ok, wow, never thought I'd pre-teen rape samples write A1 again. I hope you like it. 'Accepted Not Needed' is going to be a free pre-teen comic lot more grown up. No more line up changes every chapter. We have the final charactors for Series 2, and that cum eating pre-teens is...Ben Adams Paul Marazzi Adam Rickett Shane Stephie Paul CattermoleAlso check out which has a brand new layout. It also has Cast Pics, News, The Stories, and much much more, new pre-teens modelle enjoy pre-teen panty model yourself, and love to you,-LaNcE l.
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